Retreat is looking for local artistic talent to adorn our beautiful space. If you are interested please send us an email with examples of your work to : info  Shows run 3 months, and we take 0% commission from any sold work. We are looking forward to supporting more artists in our community!




JULY 18th-OCTOBER 29th,2018
SAT, JULY 21st, 5-8pm

S. Lee Robinson (Sheri Lee Robinson) is an American Abstract Painter currently living and working in Los Angeles, California. Born in St. Louis and raised in California, S. Lee graduated with a BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute, where she discovered abstract art and its place in her world. Her primary mediums are oil on canvas and ink on paper. Influences span from, but are not limited to, William Turner, 1950’s Bay Area painters such as David Park and Jay DeFeo and the New York School, with Robert Motherwell being her favorite.

S. Lee credits her artistry to having grown up in a nurturing creative family surrounded by musical instruments and art supplies that allowed and encouraged her to fully tap into her creativity starting at a very young age. Accordingly, her ability to express that creativity grew quickly and freely.

“My art making process has evolved into a type of spiritual practice where I am able to express what I am not able to see with my eyes, but rather what I am feeling with my heart.  Abstract painting and automatic drawing are the perfect vehicles for me to further explore my ability to see with my eyes closed, and to share the deepest parts of myself with my viewers. It’s that connection, that wonder, which happens when someone is really drawn into a painting, and the ability to communicate with others in this silent and powerful way, that drives me forward in life. Some have said that connection is overrated, but that’s not the case with me. I fully crave it and think others do, too. I paint because I have to. Anything else I attempt does not fulfill me or make my head and heart sing the way I need them to.”