Pigment Brightening Gel

Pigment Brightening Gel


Skin Conditions:

Hyper-pigmentation | Photo Damage | Melasma | Acne Scars | Uneven Tone


Formulated with the most advanced chiral technology designed to address skin discoloration and unevenness. A potent blend of botanical actives including kojic acid, L-arbutin, azelaic acid, glycolic and salicylic acid work together to increase cell turnover and treat hyper-pigmentation.


Apply Pigment Lightener Gel once daily onto clean skin. For the first 2 weeks, apply a maximum of 3 days per week. If skin shows no signs of sensitivity, you may increase to up-to 7 nights per week. Use on areas of discoloration at first, and as skin adjusts to the product, apply all over the skin, avoiding the eye area.


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