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green power rebuilder

A natural, mechanical exfoliator that uses an exclusive herbal blend of finely milled marine and plant extracts. This a natural alternative to device or chemical  assisted treatments. (think micro roller,micro needling, and chemical peels). The herbal mixture embeds itself into the skin, creating pathways, then works its way out naturally sloughing off dead skin cells. Benefits include: increase of cell metabolism encouraging healthy cell growth, refined skin tone and texture, reduction of acne breakouts, stimulation of skin oxygenation. This treatment can be used while pregnant, and on all global skin types.



A manual exfoliation and resurfacing process that removes surface skin cells and promotes cell turnover. Benefits include: reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, age/sun spots, and scarring.


peels (fruit or chemical)

Applied to the skin as a topical exfoliation process. Benefits include: reduction of fine lines/wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation /melasma. Peels also help to kill bacteria associated with acne, aid in deeper product penetration to provide the skin with nutrients, and provide hydration.



A light treatment used at the end of treatments or as a stand-alone. The benefits include: Reduction of “P” bacteria (acne) Acceleration of our cell metabolism (healing of acne lesions and how quickly skin cells renew themselves) Plumping of elastin and collagen (anti aging)

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